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The mission of Mast Roofing & Construction, Inc. is to honor God by serving our customers with the utmost integrity, quality, and efficiency. We work as a team of professionals to do the job right the first time, which allows us to confidently stand by our workmanship and maintain our prestigious reputation. We work on new construction as well as re-roofing for both residential and commercial customers and specialize in: asphalt, shingle, rubber, cedar, slate, and metal roofs. In addition to roofing, we take care of siding, soffit, fascia, gutters, decks, windows, doors, custom trim, and most of your remodeling needs.

Nominate a friend or neighbor to receive a FREE roof!

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It’s simple! To nominate someone you know, or yourself, simply click on the Nominate Now button! You’ll need to have some basic information about the home and nominee along with a photo of the current roof. So, what are you waiting for? Nominate a deserving homeowner today!

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Installation Celebration!


Nominate a deserving family to recieve a FREE roof

1. Nominee Type
2. Who are you nominating?
3. Tell us about yourself.
4. Tell us why your nominee deserves a new roof
Remaining: 150
5. Tell us a few things about the condition of their
current roof. If possible, upload a photo or two.
6. Final Details About the Home.
"No Roof Left Behind" is not a contest, nor lottery. One deserving homeowner in 2019 will be selected for receipt of a new roof system gratis, solely at the discretion of Mast Roofing & Construction, Inc.. In no way are the co-sponsors of "No Roof Left Behind" involved in selection process. Homeowners are nominated via the website.
1. Nominees must own the home they are living in.
2. Nominees must be located in Berks County Territory, Pennsylvania.
3. The free roof recipient must be current on his/her mortgage payments.
4. The free roof recipient must agree to sign No Roof Left Behind's media release

The recipient of the free roof receives a complete roof system installed according to local code and manufacturer specifications.

I understand that, during the course of my participation in the No Roof Left Behind Program, No Roof Left Behind and those acting with the permission or authority of No Roof Left Behind, may capture my name, likeness, image, or voice in photographic, audio, video, digital or other forms (“Media”). I recognized that all Media – including film, photographic prints, audio, video or digital files, including those photos submitted with my nomination – become the exclusive property of No Roof Left Behind. In addition, I hereby permit No Roof Left Behind and those acting with No Roof Left Behind’s permission or authority, to use my name and Media in materials available to existing and potential customers, staff and individuals within the community, including in publicity or promotional materials for No Roof Left Behind. I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve: (a) the finished Media, (b) any printed matter that may be used in conjunction with the Media, or (c) the eventual use to which the Media may be applied. I waive all right to compensation, royalties and damages, including all claims in tort, defamation, right to privacy or right of publicity claims. I sign this authorization and release on behalf of myself and all of my minor children who may be participating in "No Roof Left Behind".

This agreement constitutes the sole, complete, and exclusive agreement regarding the Media, and I am not relying on any other representation, whether oral or written.

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Congratulations To Our Winning Entry!

Giving Back to Those That Give

Jacob and Emily Cook
Jake and Emily are the type of couple who’d give you their last dollar if you needed it. Despite their own struggles, they manage to keep an upbeat attitude and never say no to helping others. Whether it be lend a tool to a neighbor, a ride to an elder, a sitter to a couple, or a dollar to a friend, they are there. It’s inspiring given what they deal with daily. Emily was diagnosed with MS only two weeks after their wedding. Five months later, they found out they were expecting a daughter in October 2016. Six months after welcoming Maddy, Jake was diagnosed with narcolepsy. They both work full time and struggle to maintain a normal life while dealing with the challenges in front of them. A few words from Emily's perspective: "After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis almost 3 years ago, each follow up doctor visit and MRI have showed further disease progression. I currently experience permanent vision loss, weakness in both of my hands, and difficulty walking distances. I continue to be on a journey to find what treatment, diet, exercise, and medication will allow me to live most comfortably and hopefully without further disease progression or disability. Most of these things are costly and not covered by insurance. These costs have contributed to us falling on hard times. I currently work full time to help with our bills, care for our daughter, and also to maintain health insurance coverage. I would like to continue to work as long as I am physically able. On top of the extra care I sometimes need, as well as helping to raise our daughter, Jake also works full time. And despite having a sleep disorder himself, he also maintains a second job in the summer months to help our finances. But with the above said, we try not to focus on the bad we may experience, although it is sometimes daily. Instead, we try to make life positive by being good to each other and to those around us, even if it sometimes means sacrificing our own needs." It’s understandable when home improvements take a back seat. They could certainly use the help and deserve it just as much.
Join us for the Install!

Date To Be Announced
2328 Highland St, West lawn, PA 19609
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it's a wrap

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See You Next Year

2018 Installation Celebration!!

We had a BEAUTIFUL day for the installation! The shingles arrived early, so we had our first crew onsite at 6:30am. The rest of the company joined them and worked together to get the job done in one day. The office staff enjoyed seeing our awesome crew work their magic! We had people stop by to watch our progress, including last year's winner and 2015's winner's family!

Check out our Facebook Page for more pics!

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