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We are the premiere roofing contractor in Nashville TN and the entire midsouth area of the United States! MidSouth Construction Roofing & General Contracting is an unique roofing contractor with a special blend of qualifications! We are a multi-state licensed Commercial Roofing Contractor and Residential Roofing Company headquartered in Nashville, TN. Certified in all types of roofing including metal, shingles, slate, tile, and flat roof systems.

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Vote for My Hardworking Deserving Daughter!

Carrie Parman
Why I believe my daughter is deserving of the new roof…….. The roof on her home is 15 years old. It is worn, weathered and storm damaged to the point that she now has water circles appearing in her upstairs bedroom. She is the middle child which, more often than not, seems to be left out. She purchased this home 5 years ago, her first home, completely and totally on her own as a result of her hard work and determination. However, hard times have fallen upon her more than a few times and each time harder than the last. She has almost lost her home a couple of times due to the inability to pay the mortgage because 1) she lost her job and only source of income, 2) she was sued, and 3) her homeowners insurance sky rocketed because she tragically had a little girl drown in her pool. Although she was not home at the time, the little girls’ mother was greedy and filed wrongful death charges against her and sued her for the maximum amount allowed. She also helps to co-raise her nephew and 2 nieces. She is a very hard working, very giving young lady who had rather go without than ask for help, and would give everything she has to others before taking for herself. All of these hardships have taken a major toll on her finances, leaving her with nothing extra to repair or replace her roof. This is why she is deserving!
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Date To Be Announced
617 Rocky Mountain Road, Antioch, TN 37013
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