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Water Proofing Roofing Ltd. is located in Lethbridge Alberta, which experiences both a unique climate & drastic temperature changes with strong Chinook winds. To build roofs in Southern Alberta you need to know what methods and materials can withstand the local climate. That's where Waterproofing Roofing comes in. Our company has been serving satisfied customers in Southern Alberta for over 17 years.

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The Rowley Family Need a Roof

Josh & Andrea Rowley
My mom bought her very first house a few years ago; turned out it was a rotting lemon. Just a few short months later she discovered there was roof damage that had been covered up, which in turn shed light on the fact that the proclaimed ‘new’ roof was actually unsuitable for the home and poorly installed. Sadly, it was leaking into the back entry and had moldy insulation. While suffering many of life’s ups and downs since then and without knowing what could be done, she has tried to keep on top of the damage on the inside but the costs of correcting it have always stayed out of reach. The soffit grow moss, the wasps found a way to make it their home and we catch the dripping with plastic tubs. With a young toddler in the house, this can not keep this up much longer. We would love the opportunity to ditch the tubs and nests as this year’s No Roof Left Behind winners!
Join us for the Install!

July 29th @ 11:00 am
1101 11 Street South , Lethbridge , AB T1K 1P7
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