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Nail it Down Remodeling L.L.C.

604 Dixie Hwy
Rossford, OH 43460

We are a family owned business that specializes in simple and designer Roofing. Our ability to give the best quality materials and roofing systems is second to none, as well as dedicating ourselves to quality work and determined to give our best for customer satisfaction. Our goal is to give our best so you can have the best. The warranties we offer as a Master Elite Roofing company, are the best and the standard we work by. We expect nothing less than the best for you.

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deserving mother of two

Quenith Doyle
I work multiple part time jobs. Husband took job out of state and is no help financially as he has his own bills to pay. Have one girl in college and another a high school senior. We live paycheck to paycheck. Ends don't always meet. I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and don't have money for the medication. So I try to control it with diet and exercise. I am unable to save up the money because when I try to, something in the house breaks and I need to fix it myself. Both part time jobs I have either been on a pay freeze or pay cut. Making matters worse. I go around the house with blinders on, because I don't want to see whats going to fail / break next. Mentally this has taken a toll on the family. We just need some good to happen.
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August 2nd @ 8:00 am
492 Pauly Drive, Perrysburg, OH 43551
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