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The easiest way to for a homeowner to get involved in No Roof Left Behind is to nominate a deserving neighbor who needs a new roof.


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Bad news travels fast. But good news needs a goose! So, whether you’re nominating, voting or campaigning for a finalist in need of a new roof, talk it up! Mention how you’re involved in No Roof Left Behind on your social media feeds or in your day to day chat with the neighbors and co-workers.

Charity minded folks are always welcome to make a financial contribution toward the administration of a No Roof Left Behind event. But maybe you’re more interested in helping on installation day. Don’t worry – we’re going to leave the hammer swinging to the pros. Serve lunch to the crew or cotton candy to neighborhood kids!

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If you don’t fall into any of the categories shown above, want to ask us a general question, or just want to say ‘hi’ - feel free to get a hold of us via the contact form below! We’ll be glad to get back to you and hopefully provide the answers you’re looking for, or the info you need!

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